Gifts & Home Decor

One would be hard-pressed to find another store on this planet where, after purchasing your food staples — say a bottle of Dom Perignon and an ounce of beluga, a jar of guava jelly, some Ginko tablets and a little gold carton of Godiva ice cream — you could also pick up... ...a mother-of-pearl caviar server and a biography of Julia Child...demitasse spoons, a French coffee press and a cafe table and chairs...a soccer mom wristwatch, a three Stooges apron, a "mink" Teddy bear and an inflatable purple purse.

Ours is definitely an eclectic gift mix. Distressed wood furniture contrasts with sleek aluminum picture frames. Rhinestone-studded tapers sparkle under are deco-inspired lamps and oversized apothecary jars line up next to aromatherapy candles offering serenity, and carrot creams promising softer cuticles.

Here are hand-carved and painted eyeglass rests in the shape of toucan beaks and crocodile snouts, and tussie mussy holders, jeweled hairpins and bedside carafes ecalling an elegant past. For tabletops, we do not carry department store numbered stocks of stainless steel and china. We do have the bits and pieces that will add sparkle, color and personality to your table...from country French tablecloths and "mad Rag" placemats to pear-scented votives and cricket votive holders, to little glass pitchers and towering glass vases. We have miniature menu chalkboards, hand-painted pasta bowls, wooden "potting tool" salad utensils, those white paper booties that fit on chicken legs and confetti. If you pride yourself on giving extraordinary gifts of good taste to yourself — and others — you must shop here...